2016 Consumer Confidence Reports

Xenia Rural Water Districts' 2016 Consumer Confidence Reports can by viewed by clicking here.  Your water source code is located under your service address on you statement.  To view an interactive map showing Xenia's service territory by water source, click here.

2017 Audit Report

Xenia Rural Water District's 2017 audited financial statements have been released and you can access them by clicking here.



Automated Flushing Program

A new program is being implemented by Xenia Rural Water District to improve efficiency and ensure high quality water. The District has purchased several Automated Flushing Devices and they are currently being placed at key points throughout the District to keep your water fresh. The flushers are programmed to run during the hours of 2am and 4am, so as not to disrupt service during times of higher usage. These units keep costs low since the water can be flushed without the supervision of a water technician. This allows for water technicians to concentrate their efforts on other matters. For your reference, a picture of an Automated Flushing Device is shown below. 

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