Common Household Water Loss


Are you concerned about your water usage or feel as though you may have a leak? Below you will find ideas about how to check areas that can contribute to water loss.


A softener or a refrigerator ice cube/water maker could be recycling too much or have a slow leak or drip. Try to keep an eye on these to see how much and how often they are filling.


A slow toilet leak can be difficult to detect. Here's a simple test to try:


To check for a bad flapper, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank and do not flush. If the toilet has a leak, the water in the bowl will be colored within 15 minutes. Also, make sure your toilet tank fill level is adjusted properly. If it is set too high it may overflow into the toilet bowl resulting in wasted water.


If you need assistance locating a leak, contact customer service to schedule an appointment.


For more information and ideas, please visit EPA Water Sense.