The property owners for each meter must sign a Water Users Agreement. The Water User's Agreement is a contractual arrangement between the landowner and Xenia Rural Water District. With the signed request, a non-refundable connection fee is required. The Agreement states that the participating member (property owner) is responsible for the minimum monthly payment plus any water usage in excess of the minimum. The monthly minimum charge is due regardless of water usage and begins when the water is available at the meter pit.To terminate the contractual agreement, a lump sum payment is required.  Contact customer service if you would like to know the fee to terminate your service.


The distribution line is normally placed approximately 50-60 feet from the center line of the road. The meter pit will be placed at the property owner's discretion, within five feet of the main distribution line. If the main distribution line is on the opposite side of the road, the meter will be placed at the property owner's discretion within 15 feet inside the property line. Xenia Rural Water District will maintain ownership of all in-home meters as well as all distribution lines up to and including the curb-stop or meter pit.


The service line from the curb-stop/meter pit to the home/building will be the participating member's responsibility to install and maintain. The participating member will need to make arrangements with a private contractor of his/her choice.


To determine if you are located in Xenia's service area please reference this map. Installation costs will vary depending on where the service request is located in relation to the nearest water lines. Our customer service department will work with you to answer your questions and put together a quotation to meet your water needs. Please contact customer service at 515-676-2117 or 888-355-2619.  



In the event that a participating member's property is sold, the membership will be transferred to the new owner. To do so, the seller must provide Xenia Rural Water District written notification of the sale. Also, the new owner must notify Xenia Rural Water District of his/her possession date prior to the moving date. The new owner will be required to sign a Water User's Agreement with Xenia Rural Water District to transfer the membership.