Emergency Notification System

AMG Emergency Alert System

What is it?

In an effort to keep our customers informed, Xenia Rural Water District is implementing an emergency notification system. Provided by AMG Alert, this a subscription-based private mass notification system is used to communicate time-sensitive information to Customers of the District using any combination of Text messaging, Email or Voice.

District Customers may select the means of receiving the alert that best meets their needs. Xenia has the tools to launch alerts to groups and subgroups, so a customer that is signed up for Alerts would only receive information pertinent to their water supply.

There is no charge to subscribe for this service. Standard data and message rates may apply depending upon the subscriber's cellular plan.

How Does it Work?

The Alert system is simple to use and only takes a few minutes to input your information. Simply follow this link and complete the on-line form. You will need your ten digit account number that is located on your Xenia statement near the top of the bill, on the right side, being certain to enter the account number in the following format:  XXX-XXXXX-XX.

After you have entered your information and preferences on how you would like to receive the alert, you have finished the process and will receive notification of issues in your service area. AMG Alert will send you a "Welcome" e-mail with a user key that will allow you to update your contact profile anytime.

The information you provide is private and is not shared. AMG Alert System