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Meter Pit Access

Meter Pit / Curb Stop Access

Recently we had several issues related to access of metering equipment.  Xenia personnel must have access to the meter pit or curb stop at all times.  In cases of emergencies, such as a leak in your home, we need to shut the service off until necessary repairs are completed.  Delays could result in many gallons of water leaking and the damage and costs resulting from leaking water could be extensive for you.

Upkeep of metering equipment is important to reflect your usage accurately.  Inaccessibility to equipment for maintenance may necessitate using estimations for your billing.  Trees, bushes, shrubbery, gardens and such should not be planted near or on top of meter pits or curb stops.

  • Do not backfill over meter pits or curb stops and the top of meter pits should be at ground level
  • Farm equipment and automobiles may not be placed where it could interfere with access to meter pits or curb stops.
  • Rocks, decorations and flower pots must be removed.
  • Fencing around the meter pit can also be a hindrance.
  • Animal pens should not be placed where they enclose the meter pit or curb stop
  • When removing snow, please do not pile the snow on the meter pit or curb stop

Remember that in cold weather conditions, it is important to not lift the equipment out of the meter pit.  The equipment can freeze very quickly causing damage to the meter or regulator.  Unless Xenia personnel instruct you to access into the meter pit, you should not open it up in any case.